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Vision & Mission

Teamwork at the service of quality


We are Naster, we produce protective films and adhesive tapes suitable for the specific requests of each customer, resistant, safe, versatile and easy to use. But above all we are a team of people who work and engage themselves every day, united by a common vision, based on important values.

Family. We are the teaching of those who came before us, of those who raised us by showing us their strong passion for this profession, of those who explained us how useful and important our products were. We are the result of a meticulous past, of those who strongly believed in quality. The previous generation passed the baton and the necessary lessons to us in order to restructure the company, projecting us into a future that speaks of innovation, attention and ability.

Quality. From the raw material to the finished product, we check every manufacturing process in a meticulous and targeted way. We try to offer a highly reliable and long-lasting product. We have renewed the machine park with cutting-edge technologies and obtained certification to optimise controls and ensure constant quality of Naster process.

Competitiveness. Maintaining a high standard at balanced prices. In the protective films and adhesive tapes sector, finding the right balance between quality and cost-effectiveness is not so easy. We are leaders in the sector thanks to our competitiveness: we offer excellence, reliable and high-performance products, the result of cutting-edge technological resources, at competitive prices.

Flexibility. We listen to the needs of customers in an ever-changing sector. Being flexible means making room for every change, keeping up with technological developments and improvements, in order to constantly offer innovative solutions and absolute satisfaction.

Confidence. Those who choose us do it because we produce products that meet all the expectations of our customers and never betray them. Because we give immediate answers, we offer a service in real time and we constantly take care even of small requests and needs. Those who choose us do it also because they know that contacting Naster means turning to a close-knit, motivated and organised team, which works with a view to collaboration, in a state-of-the-art structure.

Respect. We have a solid and structured corporate social responsibility, which leads us to pay close attention to all the "human" and "social" aspects that gravitate around a company. We dedicate with care and commitment to our collaborators, to a serious and responsible working style, to the environment in which we operate working in an environmental-friendly and harmonious context from a human point of view.


  • Social inclusion of our staff and the territory where we operate here in Bergamo
  • Corporate sustainability and appropriate training programmes for our employees so that they may achieve a high level of professionalism and hence financial and personal satisfaction in a friendly environment
  • Promote the welfare of our city by participating in charitable activities and enhancing our social presence in the Bergamo area
  • Circular economy
  • Digital transition 4.0
  • Make our company stand out for our amicable relationships with collaborators, customers and suppliers, based on an ethical approach and profound values