EN ISO 9001 Certification

Naster’s Quality Management System has been certified to EN ISO 9001 since 2008. It is the best known and most widely recognized certification, entailing the highest standards in the world, and it is continuously renewed by the company so as to ensure the highest quality standards for its customers, throughout its supply chain.

in the pursuit of customer satisfaction and the continuous improvement of its organisation and its management system, Naster, pays the utmost attention to:

  • customer requirements
  • commitment to the satisfaction of mandatory requirements, especially those applicable to the products manufactured
  • use of high-quality products in the manufacturing processes
  • research for and development of new product types
  • upgrading of facilities and machinery
  • qualification of our test laboratory
  • characterisation of our proposals to the customers as a function of the service provided, with respect to price competition
  • ongoing personnel training and sharing of experiences
  • attention to health and safety in the workplace, through the organisation of a Prevention and Protection Service and the constant adaptation of the working environment to prevent and protect against hazards to the staff and the environment.
Naster is customer satisfaction

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