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Our Code of Ethics

“The principles that must inspire the activities of NASTER S.R.L. in fulfilling its mission are strict compliance with the law, fair competition, respect for the legitimate interests of all stakeholders and, in particular, those of the recipients of training and guidance initiatives”.

Naster has maximum customer satisfaction as its ultimate goal and therefore adopts the best strategies and working methods to meet customer needs and requests – always in accordance with a series of unchallengeable values and principles, expressed in our Code of Ethics.

The Company conforms its activities to the ethical principles contained in the Code of Ethics, in the belief that ethics in the conduct of business is a precondition for its success. Naster strongly believes in its Code as a voluntary organisational tool, finetuned over years of activity during which the company has consolidated the principles and working philosophies that it pursues internally and promotes among its partners and collaborators.

The moral standards of conduct, the values on which our production activities are based, and the guidelines to be followed by our personnel as to what not to do and what to do in order to uphold and enhance the corporate image can be found in the document that can be downloaded from this page.

Naster is customer satisfaction

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