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Protective films against dust

Naster protective films: the ideal solution to protect any type of surface from dust

Looking for protective films against dust? Naster’s protective films are specially designed to protect different types of surfaces from dust, but also from scratches, impurities, external agents and UV rays. All the films proposed by the company are resistant, easy to apply and ensure a free removal from stains and residues, allowing to reduce time and costs in the application and to save on cleaning surfaces. In addition, thanks to the tests they undergo in Naster laboratories, they are able to adapt to any need, ensuring maximum efficiency, reliability and safety for the coating of different types of products and materials.

What protective films does Naster propose?

Naster offers a wide range of dust protection films of various lengths, sizes and colors, also offering different customization possibilities, such as printing instructions, technical standards or company logos. Naster protective films are ideal for use in different sectors and, not interacting chemically with surfaces, they leave even the most sensitive materials unaltered. Among the different types of new generation films proposed by the company you can find:

  • Skin Wood for HPL laminates and interior laminates;
  • Skin Carpet for residential carpet and GDO, also ideal for trade fairs;
  • Skin Metal for prepainted aluminium and steel, coils, composites and sandwich panels;
  • Skin Safe to protect carpet and car interior, glass, windscreen and aluminum or chrome parts, rough plastic parts and dashboards;
  • Skin Floor, suitable to protect all types of floors, windows and furniture;
  • Skin Glass for glass, plexiglass and polycarbonate;
  • Skin Boat for the nautical sector.

Why choose Naster protective films against dunst?

Naster protective films are produced with innovative technologies and state-of-the-art machinery, constantly updated to ensure the production of high-quality, efficient, durable and high-performance products. Thanks to the experience, expertise and professionalism that have always distinguished the company team, Naster is able to produce protective films against dust able to meet every specific need, ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.

Do you need more information?

For more information on protective films against dunst or other products offered by Naster, please contact us! Our staff is always available to answer all your questions and requests.