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Anti-scratch protective films

Protective films to protect against scratches and dust different types of surfaces

Looking for anti-scratch protective films? For 40 years Naster has been specializing in the production of high quality adhesive tapes and anti-scratch protective films, specifically designed to best protect different types of materials: from lacquered and laminated surfaces to car interiors, from marble to home carpet. Subjected to regular tests, Naster protective films are able to adapt to different needs ensuring maximum efficiency, safety and resistance.

Thanks to the continuous updating, the constant search for innovative and cutting-edge solutions and the professionalism of a highly trained and close-knit team, the company is able to propose effective and high quality solutions, designed and built to best meet specific requirements of each customer. 

High resistance protective films to meet any need

Naster’s anti-scratch protective films are versatile products, easy to apply and remove to protect surfaces from possible scratches, but also from impurities, dust, UV rays and external agents. Resistant to water, weather and temperature variations, Naster’s protective films are also ideal for the most delicate surfaces because they do not interact chemically while maintaining the quality of the materials. The high adhesion and resistance of the protective films also allows to reduce time and costs in the application of the product and to save on the cleaning of surfaces. 

What are Naster’s protective films for?

Naster offers different types of protective films designed to meet the specific needs of different sectors and protect any surface, such as:

Do you need more information?

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