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Sale of packaging adhesive tapes

Naster adhesive tapes: the best solutions for resistant, safe and high quality packaging

Are you looking for a company specialized in the sale of adhesive tape for packaging? For 40 years Naster has been involved in the production and sale of high quality protective films and packaging tapes, designed to guarantee maximum resistance, protection and durability on different types of products and surfaces. Thanks to a highly trained and competent team and the experience gained in many years of activity, Naster is able to ensure to every customer versatile, safe and studied solutions according to specific needs, always ensuring optimal results and high quality standards. In addition to being easy to apply and remove, all packaging adhesive tapes made by the company are designed to last over time and can be customized according to customer requirements.

A wide range of packaging adhesive tapes

Naster offers different types of stretch films and adhesive tapes neutral or customized, noisy, with medium noise or quiet, designed to meet any packaging need and ideal for use in various sectors:

Why choose Naster’s packaging tapes?

Packaging adhesive tapes made by Naster are specially designed to best meet the needs of each customer. From the raw material to the production processes, from the finished product to delivery to the final customer: every stage of production is carefully checked to ensure quality, reliability and resistance over time of films and adhesive tapes for packaging. This is also possible thanks to a constant investment in research and development and the continuous updating of the existing machinery with cutting-edge technologies to improve and speed up production. In addition, to meet the needs of customers and make each product unique and recognizable Naster offers different customization possibilities for packaging tapes, such as printing on the back up to 6 colors (negative and positive).

Would you like more information?

For more information on the sale of adhesive tapes for packaging or other products offered by Naster, contact us! Our staff is always available to advise you on the best solutions and best suited to your needs.