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Custom polypropylene adhesive tape

Resilient and customizable tapes with Naster

Are you looking for custom polypropylene adhesive tapes, but don't know where to turn? Are you looking for high quality products that meet your specific needs? The right answer goes by the name of Naster.

Our company has been in business for more than four decades producing and marketing strong protective films and adhesive tapes designed to last.

Wide selection of polypropylene adhesive tapes with Naster

Due to its adhesion and strength characteristics, polypropylene adhesive tape has become an essential element in many industries: from logistics to packaging, from manufacturing to promotion.

At Naster, we offer a catalog of fully customizable polypropylene adhesive tapes. You can choose from a wide range of colors, sizes and even print your logo or company message. This customization not only gives an even more professional appearance, but can also serve as a marketing tool to promote your business.

Among our many products for sale, we cannot fail to mention PP adhesive tape 105 S. This polypropylene tape with water-emulsion acrylic adhesive mass is quiet in unwinding and can be customized upon request with up to 4-color printing on the back.

For those, however, who are looking for products that are louder in unwinding, PP adhesive tape SV 128 is the ideal solution. Highly resistant to winter temperatures, this polypropylene product is designed for situations that require an extra-strong seal.

Choose Naster brand adhesive tapes

Contact Naster now to get polypropylene adhesive tapes that not only do their job effectively, but can be tailored to your brand and your specific needs. Call 035844009 now or fill out the form on the contact page.