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Remove the adhesive tape from the car body

Remove the adhesive tape from the car body
Giacomo Russu Export Sales Manager
24 August 2023
Remove the adhesive tape from the car body

Naster's solutions to remove even glue residue from bodywork

Duct tape can be a great tool for multiple purposes, but when it is time to remove it from the car body, it is essential to do it correctly to avoid unwanted halos or scratches.

In this article we will explore the key steps to follow to remove the adhesive tape from the car body safely and effectively. Whether you’re looking to eliminate decorative stickers or tape residue, these solutions will guide you through the process in a clear and detailed way.

Removal of adhesive tape by heat gun

The heat gun is a professional tool widely used in the field of the removal of resistant adhesives. This option is highly recommended when the adhesive on the car body looks almost welded, making removal by more delicate methods a daunting task.

Unlike a normal hair dryer, the heat gun is designed to provide a more intense and controllable heat source.

Before starting with the removal of the adhesive tape, adjust the heat gun to the appropriate temperature (generally according to the manufacturer’s instructions and the type of adhesive) and wear protective gloves to avoid sunburn.

Start heating the adhesive area, keep the gun at a distance of about 10-15 cm from the surface of the car body and move it back and forth to avoid focusing heat on a specific spot. After a few minutes, gradually lift the angle of the adhesive tape and begin to pull slowly until complete removal, at this stage it is crucial to continue to provide heat to the entire offending surface.

Removal of adhesive tape by hair dryer

The hair dryer is a practical and economical solution for tackling the removal of stickers from car bodywork. Although it is not designed specifically for this purpose, it can be used successfully when the adhesive is not particularly durable and does not require extremely intense heat.

The procedure is identical to the one used for the heat gun, however it is important to note that the time needed to remove the adhesive tape may be longer, as it delivers less intense and concentrated heat.

Use of adhesive label remover spray

Label Remover Spray is a product specifically formulated to remove labels, adhesives, and glue residues from various surfaces, including car body.

This option is particularly advantageous when you want a quick and efficient solution to deal with stubborn adhesives without having to resort to tools such as heat guns or stronger solvents.

Before starting with the removal, shake the bottle thoroughly to mix the ingredients. Spray the spray generously directly onto the adhesive. After applying the spray, wait for the time indicated on the product instructions. The waiting time can vary depending on the sticker, but generally varies from a few seconds to several minutes.

Once this step is complete, put on a work glove and start gently lifting a corner of the adhesive, pulling until it is completely removed.

Removal of adhesive tapes with professional solvents

Professional solvents constitute a category of chemicals specially formulated to remove stubborn adhesives from various surfaces, including car bodywork. This option is one of the most powerful and versatile to deal with stubborn and persistent adhesives, although it requires a more focused and precautionary approach.

Before you begin, be sure to select a solvent that is specific for removing adhesives and that is safe to use on the surface of the bodywork. Apply the solvent to a microfiber cloth or sponge and gently blot the adhesive.

After applying the solvent, let it sit for the time indicated on the product instructions. This will give the solvent time to penetrate into the glue and dissolve it.

Once the solvent has had time to act, use work gloves to gently lift one corner of the tape as you apply gentle pressure to remove it completely.

The glue removal and final cleaning of the bodywork

After removing the adhesive tape using one of the above methods, glue residue may remain on the surface. Use a clean microfiber cloth soaked in alcohol to gently scrub the area and remove residues.

After removal is complete, it is important to perform a general cleaning of the bodywork. Finally, we recommend applying a protective wax to the surface. Not only will the wax make your bodywork shiny, but it will also provide a protective barrier against possible weathering and contaminants.

Conclusions and the role of Naster for the supply of adhesive tapes for bodywork

Removing adhesive tapes from the car body can often be a challenge, but the solutions presented in this guide offer a wide range of effective approaches to deal with this situation.

We at Naster are an international benchmark for the supply of auto body adhesive tapes. The MASK 80° PLUS product is specifically designed to prevent the formation of residue and glue on the surface, greatly simplifying the removal process and saving time and energy in final cleaning.

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