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Which adhesive tape to use on the bodywork?

Which adhesive tape to use on the bodywork?
Giacomo Russu Export Sales Manager
29 September 2023
Which adhesive tape to use on the bodywork?

The best car body adhesive tapes recommended by Naster

When faced with the need to perform bodywork on a vehicle, choosing the right tape can make the difference between a job well done and one that leaves a lot to be desired. The use of adhesive tape on the bodywork can be required for multiple reasons, such as repairing scratches, masking during painting, or temporary fixing of parts.

With this article we will examine the key factors to consider when choosing masking tape and give you some advice in choosing the most suitable product.

What is car body tape?

Adhesive tape for bodywork painting, or masking tape, is a type of tape used primarily in vehicle surface preparation and finishing. This tape is specially designed for automotive applications and performs several important functions in the process of repairing or painting the bodywork.

Factors to consider when choosing the right adhesive tape

Choosing the right tape for your vehicle's body is critical to achieving high-quality results in paint jobs. 

Here are some of the main factors to consider when making this choice:

  • Environment of use: the environment in which the tape will be used should be carefully evaluated. For example, if you are working in a very hot area, it is important to consider the resistance of the tape to extreme temperatures.
  • Surface: the nature of the surface to which the adhesive tape will be applied is a crucial factor. Some adhesive tapes are better suited for smooth surfaces, while others offer better adhesion on rougher or more porous surfaces. If you are dealing with a delicate surface, such as fresh paint or heat-sensitive materials, you should choose a gentle adhesive tape that will not damage the surface.
  • Paint: It is critical that the tape be compatible with the type of paint you are working with. The wrong choice of tape can compromise the appearance and durability of the paint, causing unwanted reactions and difficulty in removal.
  • Width: the choice of tape width will depend on the size of the areas to be covered or the degree of precision required. For jobs requiring fine detail, a narrower width may be preferable, while for larger areas, a wider width may be more efficient.
  • Length: the amount of tape needed will depend on the size of the project and the length of the surfaces to be covered or masked. It is important to estimate the amount of tape needed in advance to avoid running out during the job. Some projects will require only a few yards of tape, while others may require much more.

Which adhesive tape to use on the bodywork? Rely on the quality of Naster

If you are uncertain about the type of adhesive tape for bodywork, we at Naster come to your rescue. Our catalogue of bodywork masking tapes offers MASK 80 XL. PLUS.

This type of adhesive tape is designed to be used in painting booths, that is, in professional contexts where maximum precision and professionalism is required. MASK 80° PLUS is also designed to withstand temperatures of 80 °C. for half an hour.

Contact us now to purchase the most suitable product for your projects, and one of our representatives will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed choice.