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Polypropylene and PVC tapes: what are the differences?

Polypropylene and PVC tapes: what are the differences?
Giacomo Russu Export Sales Manager
30 October 2023
Polypropylene and PVC tapes: what are the differences?

A general overview between these two types of adhesive tapes

If you are in the world of packaging or industrial manufacturing, chances are you have heard of polypropylene and PVC adhesive tapes. These are two materials commonly used to seal boxes, package goods, and more. But what are the differences between these two types of tapes

With this article, we at Naster will thoroughly explore the features, applications and benefits of both to help you make the right decision for your packaging needs.

Characteristics of polypropylene adhesive tapes

Polypropylene adhesive tape, commonly abbreviated as PPL, is one of the most popular choices in supermarkets and hardware stores. This type of tape is made from polypropylene, giving it some unique characteristics that are worth exploring in detail.

Let's start with the fact that polypropylene tapes use acrylic adhesives that make them virtually silent during application. This is a valuable advantage, especially in environments where it is important to maintain quiet, such as offices or places where low noise levels are required.

Another aspect that makes PPL a worthy choice is its biodegradability. This means that, once used, it has a lower environmental impact than some alternatives that can be harmful to the ecosystem.

However, there are some limitations to consider when it comes to polypropylene adhesive tapes. For example, PPL may prove sensitive to temperature variations: in environments with large fluctuations in heat and cold, the glue of PPL may deteriorate, reducing the effectiveness of the adhesive tape.

Also, it should be noted that polypropylene has limited strength, especially when it comes to heavy packages. This is due to its thinner plastic, which can break relatively easily. Finally, PPL shows a lower seal when exposed to water.

Features of PVC adhesive tapes

PVC tape is notoriously popular for its exceptional strength and long life. There are some aspects to consider when considering the use of this type of tape.

Let's start with the fact that PVC offers superior strength both in terms of the tape itself and the glue used. This translates into durability far beyond expectations, ensuring a reliable and secure seal. It is particularly suitable for use on heavy packages and items that require a secure and strong closure.

A notable advantage of PVC is its ability to leave no residue on smooth surfaces, such as furniture or glass. This aspect is essential for keeping surfaces clean and intact, avoiding annoying cleaning problems and damage.

It is important to note that PVC, despite its unquestionable qualities, has important limitations that require careful evaluation before making a final choice. Two of the main considerations to take into account are its non-biodegradability and relatively higher cost compared to other options on the market.

Conclusions and the role of Naster

The decision between using polypropylene (PPL) and PVC adhesive tape must be carefully weighed against your specific needs and circumstances of use. Both of these types of tapes have unique characteristics that can make a difference in efficiency and performance.

If your main need is for frequent use in environments that do not experience sharp temperature fluctuations, polypropylene may be the best choice.

On the other hand, if you need exceptional strength and extended durability, especially for heavy parcels or applications that require secure closure, PVC might be the ideal solution.

However, it is crucial to take the ecological aspect into consideration: while PPL is biodegradable and offers a more sustainable option for the environmentally conscious, PVC is characterized by its non-biodegradability. This means that its production and disposal can have a greater impact on the ecosystem.

In this scenario, we at Naster are a one-stop shop for the supply of packaging adhesive tapes equipped with acrylic water emulsion technology. Our extensive catalog offers customizable tapes suitable for use in any environment. Browse the catalog or contact us now for more information!