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Nautical Upholstery and Accessories

Nautical Upholstery and Accessories

Nautical upholstery real and faux leather for interior and exterior surfaces

To best meet the requirements of the marine sector, Naster offers a full range of real and faux leather upholstery hides, specially designed for interior, exterior and contract applications. In our catalogue you will find a wide choice of top-quality nautical upholstery leather products that are sturdy and soft to the touch, just perfect as covering and finishing solutions for stylish and exclusive environments. The same attention to quality and detail goes into our faux leather nautical upholstery products, the ideal choice as modern or classic style coverings for the exterior and interior of your boat.

Nautical accessories

Nautical accessories and much, much more

Besides nautical upholstery products, Naster proposes a rich line-up of articles and accessories for the marine sector. All our nautical accessories are carefully selected to ensure top-notch quality, ease of use and a long life. Fastmount®, the hidden mounting system specially conceived for removable panels, ensures perfect alignment and high-precision finishes for the interior of your boat. The accessories in the Textile range make it possible to assemble furniture complements and coverings fast and accurately, ensuring secure and durable fastening to a variety of indoor or outdoor surfaces.