Skin Quartz

Skin Quartz: Marble Adhesive Film

Skin Quartz

A full range of high-strength films for the protection of marble, from smooth, glossy surfaces, which require easy removal even after many months in storage, to highly structured parts requiring immediate adhesiveness for handling by means of suction cups.

Besides their primary function, Naster protective films can also be customised with printed instructions, technical standards, or company logos, to make your products unique. UV-resistant films are also available on request.

Marble Adhesive Film

Technical features

Colour transparent, transparent blue
Thickness from 45 to 60 μ
Support Polyolefin (PE-PP)
Adhesive type acrylic in water-based emulsion or adhesive-free but with extruded elastomer
Band width up to 2,040 mm
Micro-perforation on request
UV-resistant 3/6/9/12 months and on request *
Np 1100 EP
Protective film for marble and smooth agglomerates ...
NP 73 D HL5
Protective film for rough agglomerates ...
Np 90 EL
Protective film with adhesive applied in extrusion for marble and smooth agglomerates ...
Np 94 EP
Protective film for smooth agglomerates ...
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