Skin Profil

Skin Profil: film for window frames

Skin Profil

A full range of films for door and window frames characterised by high resistance to elongation, a key factor during the application process on account of the narrow width of the profiles. Specially designed for wood and aluminium door and window frame profiles, they come in two versions: with easy-peel adhesive mass for smooth and anodised materials and with strong immediate adhesiveness for new finishes, e.g., for calendered PVC sheets, painted aluminium, matt and very rough surfaces. These properties are optimal for the protection of doors and other elements made of wood.

Besides their primary function, Naster protective films can also be customised with printed instructions, technical standards, or company logos, to make your products unique. UV-resistant films are also available on request.

Film for Window Frames

Technical features

Colour transparent, transparent blue, b/n
Thickness from 45 to 70 μ
Support Polyolefin (PE-PP)
Adhesive type acrylic in water-based emulsion
Band width from 15 mm to 2,040 mm
UV-resistant 3/6/9/12 months on request *
Np 73 HL2
Protective film for slightly rough pre-painted products, such as Ral 9006 and 9007 ...
Np 95 BEP
Protective film, with easy removal for raw and painted aluminium, and painted steel ...
Protective film for very rough coated PVC and aluminium profiles. UV resistant 6 months in averag...
NP82 H12 ZP
Protective film for windows with manual application too on frames and windows...
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