Extensible Film for packaging EA 123 F500
Extensible Film

EA 123 F500

  • Packaging: 736 kg pallet
  • Closure: boxes with standard pallet bands and automatic orbital wrapping machines
  • Customisation: negative and positive print on back up to 3 colours
  • Support: LLDPE

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Application sectors

Industrial Packaging
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Multi-layer LLDPE stretch film with 150% guaranteed pre-stretch (at 23 μm). The standard automatic stretch film is recommended for application with automatic and semi-automatic pallet wrapping machines. Our standard automatic film has above average puncture resistance in the standards market.

  • reel weight: 17 kg
  • pallet weight: 736 kg
  • Material LLDPE
  • Total thickness 23 my UNI 8516
  • Other available thicknesses: 17, 20
  • Longitudinal breaking load> 40 N / mm ASTM D882-18
  • Transversal breaking load> 18N / mm ASTM D882-18
  • Elongation to break> 380% ASTM D882-18
  • Elongation to break> 550% ASTM D882-18

Please store in a dry place, away from light and at a temperature between 15° C and 25° C. The extensible films must be stored and kept in the original packaging. If the storage conditions are not optimal, recondition the product before use. The extensible film must be applied within 12 months from the date of shipment. Sale conditions

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