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Charter of values

Corporate purpose

Our aim is to generate value as such, i.e., value of an economic, social, environmental, human and professional nature. The economic value created is aimed at increasing the company's assets, but only in part, because the remainder is devoted to incrementing the purchasing power of employees and collaborators, with balanced salary adjustments, and at supporting direct and indirect welfare activities.

Not only that. We also promote policies of assistance and charitable activities for the communities where we operate, ensuring ongoing moral support and aid to people in need, and contributing to disease prevention and research activities in support of the community, as well as sports policies for young people, the future of our society. All with love, earnestness, respect and passion.

Love, seriousness, respect and passion.

Charter of values

What is it?

It is a charter of values that accompanies the day-to-day activities of the company, determines its professional ethics, and maps out the path to be followed in pursuit of our goals. It sets out the aims underlying the action.


While it is important to known what to do in order to make a company grow from the economic standpoint, it is even more important to know how to pursue this end. There is but one way to accomplish this goal, and it necessarily entails the valorisation of people and the satisfaction of their needs. Without forgetting that support should also look beyond internal needs and include policies for the support of the territory and those who represent it.


Always.It is a philosophy, a vision that accompanies the company and its team in every gesture, every choice, every decision we make. Apoint of reference to be kept in mind to ensure the incessant growth of the company and those who represent it.

What values?

  • Love, professional ethics, forgiveness and superior involvement of resources in the experience of each person, also when it comes to dealing with any disagreement or problem between colleagues or with management, aimed at a constructive and concrete growth according to the values of the family, the centre and heart of a young, dynamic, responsive and proactive company.
  • Social,life and thought inclusivity with no discrimination.
  • Willingness to listen.
  • Willingness to challenge one's thinking.
  • Respect for people through the acceptance of deadlines and the basic, simple rules that govern interpersonal and human relationships in our community.
  • Renewal of company personnel.
  • Human and professional growth through ongoing internal and external training.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Respect for and satisfaction of the private and professional needs of the team and their families.
  • Activities that benefit the team and their families and the community around us.
  • Faith and trust.
  • Commitment to pursue a common goal with joy,serenity and joy.
  • Corporate, social and environmental sustainability.
  • Clear, precise, methodical and transparent management of company figures with simple and easily measurable KPIs.
  • Desire to ensure a serene and stable future to our team and their families.
  • Willingness to devote resources to support and champion the causes of people experiencing social or sports-related difficulties in order to guarantee young people space and future, to assist entrepreneurs facing hardships, and to allocate resources to the prevention of diseases with an investment of at least € 50,000 per year, and the goal to reach in five years at least € 500,000 over twelve months.
  • Empowering our employees by valorising their work and their initiatives through a healthy concept of delegation, based not only on purely professional considerations but also on financial rewards with annual horizontal, vertical and transversal objectives.
  • Work by giving joy,hope, love, stability, dreams, emotional freedom and a method to be people who grow and improve every day.
  • Research and development for the improvement of our production processes, our company and our products, as well as for progress in the environmental and social spheres, with a special focus on the welfare of society and those who live in it.
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