Respect for the environment and emissions abatement

Environmental sustainability is a fundamental commitment for Naster, which is constantly committed to the research and development of business process solutions that ensure the lowest possible environmental impact. We work continuously to make production operations as sustainable as possible and thus make our contribution to a greener and better corporate vision for the future. These are some of the activities that we have undertaken in recent years and that we will continue to undertake for a better future!

Solar panels
In July 2016 we installed a 100 kW solar system with the aim to achieve a 60% reduction in our energy consumption. In 2018 we increased the capacity of our solar system to 180 kW, achieving 100% self production of electric energy.

Led lighting
We have adopted LED technology systems to light all our production processes, laboratories and offices. In this manner we are able to reduce costs – and hence energy use – by approximately 70%.

Energy-efficient boiler
Gas fuelled boiler using leading-edge technology in terms of heat management at ignition and during all work cycles. This makes for a significant emission reduction pursuant to the applicable regulations.

Energy-efficient inverter motors
With these inverter motors we obtain significant savings in energy consumption.

Forklifts with lithium batteries
As of this year, we have introduced the use of forklifts powered by the latest generation lithium batteries, supplied by our partner Selini SPA. This technology reduces battery charging time to one hour and a half, and does away with hydrogen emissions into the environment, making for greater safety.

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