An innovative production process designed to guarantee the highest quality

We are always committed to the research and development of innovative and latest generation technologies that guarantee the creation of products of the best quality, strength and with the best performance on the market, with the aim of satisfying every customer expectation. Our protective films are produced by means of a modern and automated coating system that allows the surfing processing of the acrylic adhesive masses, then dosed with a Mayer bar. In this way, the coating is always shiny and mirror-like.

This process takes place at high speed (maximum speed 250 metres / minute) with the use of special PO (polyolefins) supports specially extruded for Naster, by means of the most modern German-made extruders.

In agreement with the main European producers of acrylic masses and PO granules, this technical approach allows us to have more and more technologically advanced products. Our production can count on a rewinder, a smooth blade lathe with two shafts for cutting small rolls, two toothed blade lathes complete with robotic islands for reels handling and packaging. The ambitious goals we have set ourselves during this year, and the focus of future years, will be:

  • Circular economy to minimise the impact of our products on the environment
  • Corporate and production processes sustainability
  • Cutting-edge products respecting the environment and the end user.
Naster is customer satisfaction

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