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Driven by a passion for a better world, we incorporate sustainability into every aspect of our activities. Eco-friendly production and social responsibility are just two of our steps towards a greener and fairer future for all.Naster's eco-sustainable success, encapsulated in the preparation and publication of the company’s first Sustainability Report, is tangible proof of a long journey of corporate growth based on human and green choices.

An economic success with an even nobler mission.

Beyond the aim of pursuing profit in an ethical and responsible manner, over the years, Naster has felt the need to generate a sustainable global economy by prioritising aspects such as environmental sustainability, social inclusivity and corporate welfare. In every step we take in the world we adopt eco-sustainable practices, respectful of labour and human rights, so much so that we can now call ourselves a Benefit Corporation. We aim to create long-term value, not only for our company, but also, and more importantly, for the environment and society. We work every day driven by a determination to prove that entrepreneurial success can coexist with sustainability and social responsibility.

Sustainability Report

Transparency in informing our stakeholders is reflected in our voluntary choice to draw up a Sustainability Report on an annual basis. This commitment drives us to conduct business, social and environmental activities in a responsible manner, thereby charting the sustainable path that we at Naster tread every day to contribute to a better world. 



Environmental sustainability is a key commitment for Naster, which is constantly engaged in researching and developing process solutions that will have the lowest possible impact on the environment.

  • Curb the use of plastic and adopt sustainable packaging practices, and implement circular economy projects, such as the regeneration of our products.
  • Since 2022, Naster has been collaborating with Italian company Italia Srl on the recycling of plastic film and selvedge waste in order to reduce the environmental impact of plastic waste and promote active recycling. Converting film and selvedge scraps into planters is a great way to utilise resources that otherwise would go wasted, thus contributing to the protection of the environment.
  • Naster's emissions mostly arise from electricity and gas consumption. In particular, in 2022, the company generated 436 tCO2e of type 1 emissions (480 tCO2e in 2021) and 86 tCO2 of type 2 location-based emissions (92 tCO2 in 2021), or 151 tCO2 if determined using the market-based approach (162 tCO2 in 2021). Total emissions thus decreased by 9% from 2021 to 2022.
  • Thanks to the reduction in energy consumption, of 9,256 GJ, achieved by Naster in 2022, the company was able to decrease its energy intensity by 14%
  • The use of gas is mainly associated with the production process. For heating, the company opted for a boiler that optimises gas consumption for production by 96%, thus mitigating the impact on the environment.
  • The company, which does not operate in a water-stressed area, consumed a total of ca. 157,000 megalitres of water in 2022, 6% less than in 2021 (167,000 megalitres).
    The company has a water supply system shared with another company located in the same complex. The remainder of the water withdrawn and discharged is for civil use.
  • 150 kW PV system on the roof, installed in 2018, generating energy autonomously throughout the day.
  • Energy-efficient inverter motors and forklift trucks equipped with lithium batteries help reduce energy consumption by 95%.
  • LED lighting system in all offices and production facilities.
  • In 2023, Naster installed sensors on all the motors powering the machines in its production facilities. These sensors constantly monitor consumption and alert us to any anomalies or faults, which are reported in real time via the Sensor Fact software, so that we can take immediate action to prevent breakdowns and hence machine downtime.
  • Naster does not generate hazardous waste.
  • EU Packaging and Packaging Waste Directives 2023: mandatory environmental labelling on all packaging placed on the market in Italy. The company hired an external consultant and drew up the datasheets for the various items in order to comply with the new directives and ensure responsible management of resources within the framework of a circular economy. 



Naster's priority is to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for all its employees. The company takes effective measures to prevent potential accidents and harmful effects on workers' health.

  • Adoption of standard SA 8000 guarantees respect for human rights (equality and equity), respect for rights at work, and the promotion of a fair working environment. 
  • The SA 8000 forms that Naster asks every supplier to compile define the social responsibility and ethical standards the company asks its suppliers to adhere to in order to uphold the same ethical and social values as Naster.
  • In 2022, the ratio between basic wages for women and men was 0.75 for middle managers, 1.14 for office workers and 1.05 for blue collar workers. 

Social commitment

  • Presentation on the Bergamo News channel of the book that tells the story of Naster and how the company promotes the development of the social fabric and the community where its story unfolds;
  • Collaboration with Dmax focused on refitting and nautical bodywork using Naster products.

Active involvement in society

Amateur Sports Association

  • Naster provided a funding of 10,000 euros to Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica to support the growth of the association and the development of tamburello (a court game popular in Italy) at amateur level.

Purchase of a defibrillator for all employees

  • With the aim of ensuring better health protection for its employees, the company invested 4,800 euros in the purchase of a defibrillator.

Guadense Sports Group

  • To support the promotion of cycling among young people, Naster granted a funding of 25,000 euros to cover the expenses of the Guadense Sports Group.

Tagliuno Parish Patronage

  • With the aim of encouraging sports activities among young people, Naster donated 600.00 euros to the Tagliuno Parish Patronage.

Associazione Cycling and Fun

  • Naster allocated a contribution of 3,000 euros to support the Cycling and Fun Association, thus promoting cycling among young people.



The principles that inspire Naster in fulfilling its mission are strict compliance with standards and regulations, fair competition, and respect for the legitimate interests of all stakeholders.

  • The customer satisfaction rate recorded in 2022 was 97.8%.
  • Model 231, implemented on 20/07/2023, prevents the commission of offences by persons acting on behalf of the company, such as employees, managers, and sales agents. Also applied and actively promoted is the company’s  Ethical Code: integrity, honesty, transparency and responsibility.
  • In the summer of 2023, the company established a Supervisory Board, reflecting its determination to maintain high standards of ethics and compliance in all its business activities, and ensure that its employees would act with integrity and honesty in all their professional interactions.
  • During the 2021/22 period, the organisation conducted digitalisation initiatives with a total investment of 768,696 euros.
  • Management of customer information: Naster uses an internal CRM system to ensure the secure and efficient management of sensitive data. A dedicated hardware system monitoring the vulnerability of LAN devices is a further step towards ensuring that the data held by the company are kept safe and secure.

Sustainability Report 2024