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Protective films delicate surfaces

Naster protective films: efficient solutions to protect even delicate surfaces

Are you looking for protective films for delicate surfaces? For 40 years Naster has been specializing in the production of protective films and adhesive tapes of high quality, resistant and specifically designed to protect different types of surfaces, even the most delicate and precious. Naster’s delicate surfaces protective films provide effective protection against dust, scratches, impurities, external agents and UV rays, and ease of use and removal to reduce time and cost in the application process. To meet the needs of each customer, the company is able to provide protective films of different lengths, colors and sizes and also offers various customization options with the printing of instructions, technical standards or corporate logos.

Why are Naster protective films also ideal for delicate surfaces? 

Naster protective films are specifically designed and manufactured to ensure high adhesion, resistance and protection for any type of surface. Not interacting chemically, they are also ideal to protect the most delicate surfaces, keeping their characteristics unchanged.

In order to ensure optimal results and performance and to guarantee maximum customer satisfaction, all the products proposed by the company are made using innovative and latest generation technologies and are studied and tested by a highly specialized staff. In Naster laboratories, specific test simulations are also carried out to ensure maximum reliability and safety in the coating of delicate products and surfaces.

Protective films designed to protect different types of surfaces

Naster offers a wide range of protective films for delicate surfaces with high resistance to water, weather conditions and temperature variations (from - 40 to + 40 degrees). Among the different types of new generation films proposed by the company you can find:

  • Skin Wood for HPL laminates and indoor laminates;
  • Skin Carpet, ideal for protecting home carpet, carpets and leather surfaces;
  • Skin Safe for carpet and car interior, windows, windscreen, rough plastic parts and dashboards;
  • Skin Floor, suitable for all types of floors, furniture and windows;
  • Skin Glass for glass, plexiglass and polycarbonate;
  • Skin Quartz for marble and smooth agglomerates;
  • Skin Boat for interior and exterior in the nautical sector.

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