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Sustainable self-adhesive film

Sustainability comes first with Naster's protective films

In the rapidly changing world of technologies and materials, sustainability is increasingly becoming a priority. One industry that is demonstrating a real commitment to sustainability is the self-adhesive film industry.

We at Naster don't want to be outdone, which is why we offer sustainable self-adhesive films designed to stand the test of time. Our company has been in business for over forty years supplying adhesive tapes and protective films for any industry.

Wide selection of sustainable self-adhesive films with Naster

Quality has always been at the heart of everything we do. Our sustainable self-adhesive films are the result of careful manufacturing processes and rigorous quality control.

Our extensive catalog of protective films offers a range of films suitable for any industry. All of our products are recyclable and have a low environmental impact, thanks to the many activities undertaken at our production site to cut down on emissions: from the installation of photovoltaic systems to energy-efficient inverter motors and LED technology systems.

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