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A BBQ for team building

22 June 2022

More than a team, a family

Team building and training activities are key to maintain and enhance competitiveness in the market and ensure increasingly efficient and quality services to our customers. At Naster, however, there is more to it: it’s not just something we do with fellow workers or employees, but rather it expresses the sense of belonging to a family, a family that learns from its tradition, takes it forward and innovates, always looking to the future as our shared goal.

This is why, as Bergamo News also reports, team building and corporate events are so important to Naster. As is the case of the Family BBQ, organised precisely to create a moment of recreation and conviviality outside the working environment, in a spirit of joy, serenity and smiles, and give the families of our collaborators the opportunity to get to know where their dear ones work – that is to say, Naster, in its entirety and its every nuance.

A successful event we are very happy with: it’s a first in our 41-year history, an opportunity to feel part of a family that shares the same values, to take stock of the situation and give prominence to the wellbeing of those who work and collaborate with us. The human capital, in fact, has long been at the centre of Naster’s project, and today more than ever.

When we are together it’s more fun.