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The Polaris Naster Academy is launched

18 July 2022

The new Academy makes its debut, growing together

The Polaris Naster Academy project introduces a specific programme of professional growth and training based on the unique Naster vision. Just as a pole star helps seagoers find their way, the Polaris Naster Academy is the star that guides the decisions of all those who work to improve and grow every day.

We have created our Academy because we believe that change and improvement come from within, directly from the people who constitute the vital lymph of our company. And it is this same Credo that makes us different, our determination to make the difference, to understand, to foresee and manage the needs of our customers and our market. We have set out from here and we have found the necessary drive to do more. 

The Academy is the sign of Naster’s constant evolution, it is an in-company training experience conceived and organized to go beyond the bounds of conventional sales patterns enabling us to become staunch and reliable partners, rather than mere suppliers, for our customers, in what is destined to be a longstanding relationship. 

The pillars of the Academy

Within the Academy we have chosen to focus on 4 areas, 4 essential pillars for growing our skills and working to the best of our ability. 

We will start by defining the Naster vision, before going on to trace the guidelines of innovation for increasing our strength and market competitiveness. Internal and external communication, placed at the service of the team/customer relationship, will be an essential part of this process. 

A project ready to get off the ground with the aim of putting people at the centre. Because everyone is unique and has their own personal vision of things. This uniqueness, when united to that of others, creates something better and stronger. 

Stay tuned.