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“The Company with Superpowers”: Naster’s story narrated in a book.

19 September 2022

A company that puts people at the centre; Naster’s story told by Corrado Malighetti

A book has been released about Naster’s story, vision and values: “The Company with Superpowers”. Written by Corrado Malighetti, CEO of the company, together with his collaborators, the book reveals who we are, what we want, what we work for and where we are heading. It describes, in a very clear and concrete manner, the “Naster Method” and how deeply it is rooted in the principles of family, community building, and working for the common good.

The book, whose release has also been reported by Bergamo News, was written precisely with the aim of raising awareness of Naster, by developing and expanding the themes that the company addresses every day: from its core values to company identity, from its working method to team spirit, from a knowledge of its history to a vision of the future. But there is much, much more to this book.

In its pages, Corrado Malighetti's personal story is intermingled with testimonials by the collaborators who made it all possible. At the heart of it all, in fact, there is a strong team spirit, as can be gathered already from the cover, where all collaborators are depicted in the guise of superheroes, forming not just a simple team, but a veritable family.

Thus, the book will enable the readers to understand what Naster is all about, what it does, who is behind it, and the reasons for choosing it, as well as the philosophy of the company and what values it upholds. These include wellbeing, in and out of the office. So much so that Naster has become a benchmark, not only for its core business, but also for its way of doing business. A considerate philosophy that puts the customer at the centre, but also focuses on people’s welfare and the individual person in all their specific features.

This is how the book was born, a book that is a testimony to the mission of a company that was able, over the years, to grow and evolve looking to the future, without ever forgetting where it came from.