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How to correctly apply protective films

How to correctly apply protective films
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08 June 2023
How to correctly apply protective films

Preserve and protect your surfaces with protective films

Protective films are the ideal solution for preserving the beauty and integrity of our most valuable surfaces. Whether it's a glossy, smooth, or rough surface, applying a protective film can provide effective protection against scratches, discoloration, and various damages.

In this guide, we will explore step by step how to properly apply a protective film and provide useful tips to achieve optimal results.

What is a protective film?

A protective film is a thin layer of transparent material designed to be applied to a surface in order to protect it from external damage. This film is typically made of durable materials and is designed to fit perfectly on the surface, without compromising its quality.

Proper application of the protective film prevents the formation of air bubbles, ensures even coverage, and reduces the risk of dust or debris infiltration.

Choosing the protective film

First and foremost, it is necessary to choose the most suitable protective film for the surface to be protected. The choice of the right protective film will depend on the type of surface and other specific needs such as the desired duration of protection or required resistance.

Application of the protective film: surface preparation

Proper surface preparation is essential for a successful application. It is crucial to thoroughly clean the surface to be protected using a microfiber cloth and a gentle cleaning solution to remove any traces of dirt, dust, or fingerprints.

Allow the surface to completely dry and ensure that there are no other residues before proceeding with the application of the protective film.

Steps for a proper application of the protective film

Once the surface has been properly prepared, you can proceed to the application phase of the protective film. Follow these simple steps to achieve the best results:

  • Measuring the protective film.. When applying a protective film, it is crucial to accurately measure the surface to be protected and cut the film to the appropriate dimensions. This fundamental step ensures that the film fits perfectly on the surface, providing effective protection and an aesthetically pleasing finish.Take a ruler or a measuring tape and carefully measure the size of the surface you wish to protect. Make sure to measure both the height and width, as there may be variations in dimensions. Take the necessary time to make precise measurements, as an initial error could impact the proper application of the protective film.
  • Cutting the protective film. When cutting the protective film, it is important to leave an extra margin around the actual measurements of the surface to be protected. This allows for easier application without the need to be overly precise in the initial positioning. Use a sharp utility knife or scissors to cut the protective film, paying attention to achieve straight and clean lines. Try to work on a flat and stable surface to avoid accidental slips or inaccurate cuts.
  • Applying the protective film. Once the protective film is prepared, it's time to apply it to the surface, while trying to avoid the formation of air bubbles. You can use a squeegee or a roller to gently remove any bubbles from the surface, working from the center towards the edges.
  • Drying. Make sure that the protective film is completely dry before touching it or exposing it to any kind of contact or movement. This will ensure a strong and long-lasting adhesion.

In conclusion, the proper application of protective films plays a crucial role in the long-lasting protection of any surface. Naster is a reference company for the production and sale of high-quality protective films. The extensive catalog offers solutions for any surface or application sector: from wood surfaces to metal and aluminum sheets, from quartz to glass, all products are designed to meet any need.

Do not hesitate to seek the opinion of a Naster expert to ensure that you achieve maximum protection for your surfaces!