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Useful protective films for the construction industry

 Useful protective films for the construction industry
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22 March 2023
Protective films useful for the construction industry

Protective films for the construction industry: a guide to using and choosing the right product


Construction is a sector that requires great attention to detail in order to ensure maximum safety and security during construction, renovation or maintenance of buildings and infrastructure. Contextually, it encompasses a wide range of activities, including foundation laying, wall and floor construction, plumbing, electrical and fixture installation, interior and exterior finishing to painting work.

In this context, protective tapes are one of the key elements in ensuring the protection of surfaces during work. Protective films useful for the construction industry are generally made of durable materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene and PVC and can be used to protect a wide range of surfaces such as glass, marble, wood, stone and many other materials. However, depending on the type of operation to be performed, a specific protective film will need to be used depending on the type of surface, function, environmental condition, and duration of application.

In this article, useful protective films for the construction sector proposed by Naster will be presented, depending on the type of operation to be carried out.

To every construction adhesive tape its application.

Each protective film designed by Naster is created to meet specific application needs. In the construction industry, which includes different types of operations, Naster offers a wide range of construction films categorized by application type and more.

  • Protective films for glass, plexiglass and polycarbonate are designed to ensure perfect adhesion and ease of removal, as well as precise edge milling. These protective films consist of an acrylic in aqueous emulsion and are specially designed to maintain the gloss and transparency of the product. In addition, Naster offers the option of requesting UV and high temperature resistant protective films.


  • Protective films for marble and agglomerates are high-strength specially designed to protect all types of marble materials that require special care and attention to the product. Due to their resistance to high temperatures, solvents and chemicals often used during processing, these protective films provide the highest possible protection. In addition, once removed, they leave no adhesive substance on the surface of the marble or agglomerate. These protective films have a variety of applications in the production of flooring, stairs, bathrooms and kitchens. 


  • Panel protection films are thick films perfect for photocell reading and used in overlapping sandwich panel joints. In addition, they are ideal for protecting corrugated surfaces, pre-painted sheets or profiles. Specifically designed to protect against dust, scratches and UV rays during processing, storage, transport and assembly, these protective films are the ideal solution for those seeking the highest possible protection for their panels.


  • Films for lacquered surfaces and HPL and PVC laminates are specially designed to protect lacquers with mirror-like or highly textured gloss, while ensuring quick and easy removal for end-mounters. In addition, our production also includes special films for thermoforming HPL and PVC foil laminates, which are characterized by high temperature resistance and the ability to conform perfectly to the part. In particular, our PVC foil film is free of elastic memory, which means it avoids the risk of edge returns.


  • Window tapes are specially designed to provide an optimal seal between windows and the frame. Due to their high elongation resistance, they are able to withstand mechanical stress, temperature variations, and air and water infiltration. The narrow band of the profiles is not a problem for our protective tape, which provides a perfect and long-lasting seal.


  • Masking tapes are the ideal solution for painting and painting jobs. Thanks to their special formulation, they are able to protect delicate surfaces such as walls and plaster, allowing you to paint with absolute precision. Removing the tape is quick and easy, leaving no adhesive residue.

In general, but especially in the construction industry, care and attention to the product are essential to ensure maximum safety and protection. This is why it is crucial to choose protective films that are certified according to international safety standards, guaranteeing their high quality.

If you have to carry out construction work and need a specific protective tape but do not know which one is best, contact a Naster expert, he will be able to advise you in the best way!